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I live in Russia and do not know much about the western countries and their customs; besides that, my English is not good enough. So, I excuse for any awkwardness in my blog and for bad English.
The aim of my blog is to promote the ideas of internet democracy. I believe that these ideas could really make the world better, if they are implemented.
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About Brexit

Internet democracy

Self-curing society

Criticism of the book "Cloud democracy"

Personal responsibility of power

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The most simple of the ideas proposed, but very important, is the “crowdfunding multiplication”: if someone earns by crowdfunding, the state or some funds would give him additional money, multiplying his financing. Applying this scheme needs eliminating some problems – corruption (self-funding) and “sectarian” projects, which will be popular only among some minority who know about them. I think that these problems can be efficiently solved, and the projects which earn by crowdfunding in such a way will be able to efficiently fight corruption, ecological problems, unfair advertising, etc.
Previously this blog contained an article about Russia and Ukraine, but I decided to delete it from the blog, because it has become dangerous to live in Russia and write about politics.

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About Brexit

  Today I hope greatly that the Brexit will succeed and England will become independent of the EU, at least to significant extent. If so, possibly England will become the only country for me into which I will be able to emigrate from Russia.
  Previously I thought that Ukraine could become such a country, but after getting more information I became very disappointed in Ukraine. I think, Ukrainian people are almost like Russians, with similar mental problems and irrationality, though they probably have a more right ideology. One of the visible cases of Ukrainian irrationality is their attitude to pro-democratic opposition in Russia: it seems that many of the Ukrainians do not distinguish between people like me and “bad” Russians, which are responsible for the sufferings of Ukrainian people. There are many other evidences of the Ukrainian irrationality, and nevertheless I hope that a kind of “mass sobering” will eventually take place in Ukraine. Maybe some day this “mass sobering” will happen in Russia too.
  I am sure that the whole world is degrading more and more. Many people in Russia believe that the Europe is quickly degrading and going to fall, like the Roman empire 1500 years before. And if Britain succeeds leaving EU, it will possibly become the place of birth of a new, healthy society.
  Muslim migration is an evident problem of the Europe. People from Muslim countries settle in Europe and are not being assimilated into the European ethnic majority; otherwise, the Muslims assimilate European people instead. The Muslim minority have a greatly higher birth rate than the indigenous Europeans.
  Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims. I am afraid that the Islam can insensibly come to power into Europe, because the European politicians will be afraid of doing things which are not approved by the Muslims.
  Some European politicians say that the Europeans should make some concessions to Muslime, otherwise their actions can provoke terrorism. From the point of view of the Muslims, this looks like that: “we settle in your countries and you should fulfill our wishes, otherwise we will kill your politicians”.
  From the point of view of the Russians, another big problem of the Europe is the “homophilic” politics. I am not a homophobe, but I think that gay parades, where gays are publicly kissing and dancing naked, are big violence for heterosexual people. People in Russia call Europe “Gayrope”. I think that both sides in this dispute are not right – the “propaganda of homosexuality” in the West and the “Homophobic propaganda” in Russia.
  It is difficult for me to ground logically my opinion, that the trend to give the gays the right to publicly exhibit their orientation is a mine for the whole Europe. However, I am sure that this trend was one of the reasons of the civil war in Eastern Ukraine. The results of the Eurovision contest in 2014 greatly discredited the democracy for Russian people, and people in Donbass region got strongly anti-european political views. In our web, this picture was often shown:

  I think that there are many other timebombs which can blast Europe and the entire Western civilization some time later. The most fundamental problem is the following: all nations in history, who lived in richness and comfort, became weak and were eventually conquered by less rich nations. I hope that the humanity will finally realize this problem and find ways to solve it. Some Russian bloggers, respected by me, call the salvation of this problem as “moderalism ideology”.

четверг, 6 августа 2015 г.

Smartphones have conquered the human's world

I have translated into English some pictures I found in the Russian web:

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воскресенье, 14 июня 2015 г.

Personal responsibility of the power and consultative branch of power

I believe that the idea of personal responsibility of the power can make the world really better. I have heard about this idea in Ukrainian mass media; as far as I can see, it is a component of the “Maidan ideology”. Ukraine is moving towards implementing this idea: the Ukrainian President has very much power (as far as I can see), unlike, for example, the US president. In autumn 2014 President Poroshenko initiated pre-term parliamentary elections. His aim was to get a loyal parliament, which is able to perform social reforms. I hope, in future the Ukrainian President will get even more legislative power.
However, giving the legislative power to the President raises new problems – one man is not enough competent in the juridical subjects and can easily make faults. I think that this problem can be mostly solved if the parliament obtains a “consultative” function, so it is able to postpone a President’s decision and impose the President some compromise.
Besides that, such “consultative” parliament, together with some other elected representatives of power, will be able to make the President perform a public report of his work. The parliament will be able to raise questions to the President, and the latter will be obliged to answer these questions.

I suppose that in order to implement this, a collective guarantor of constitution is required, which is described in my book. This is very difficult to implement; but I hope that in Ukraine some of these ideas will be partly implemented soon enough.