среда, 12 января 2022 г.


I live in Russia and do not know much about the western countries and their customs; besides that, my English is not good enough. So, I excuse for any awkwardness in my blog and for bad English.
The aim of my blog is to promote the ideas of internet democracy. I believe that these ideas could really make the world better, if they are implemented.
Most impotant articles:

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Criticism of the book "Cloud democracy"

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I appreciate any comments concerning my articles.

The most simple of the ideas proposed, but very important, is the “crowdfunding multiplication”: if someone earns by crowdfunding, the state or some funds would give him additional money, multiplying his financing. Applying this scheme needs eliminating some problems – corruption (self-funding) and “sectarian” projects, which will be popular only among some minority who know about them. I think that these problems can be efficiently solved, and the projects which earn by crowdfunding in such a way will be able to efficiently fight corruption, ecological problems, unfair advertising, etc.
Previously this blog contained an article about Russia and Ukraine, but I decided to delete it from the blog, because it has become dangerous to live in Russia and write about politics.