вторник, 13 января 2015 г.

Charlie Hebdo and the terrorists

  The terrorist attacks of Charlie Hebdo are, of course, bad crimes. It is more correct to call them not terrorist attacks but murders on a field of hatred. At the same time, the magazine itself is not “white and fluffy” – it was really insulting people, inflaming the national and religious discord. You may look, for example, at these pictures produced by this magazine (sorry for a link to vulgar images):

Bad pictures

  The magazine has protest demonstrations and many trials in its background – it rises hatred not only from the Muslims. The predecessor of this magazine, magazine L'hebdo Hara-kiri, was already closed by the French powers for humiliating Charles de Gaulle.
  The magazine generated a monstrous trolling, so a monstrous answer to this trolling was produced. Of course, I don’t say that the journalists deserve their deaths.
  As far as I know, the European leaders are talking their usual rhetoric about the terrorism and freedom, and they are just unable to pronounce 3 words: “threat”, “radical”, “Islam”. The Muslims will continue to settle in France and other countries, until they eventually replace the indigenous population or some great disaster occurs – for example, a civil war between the Muslims and Christians.
  This is how I see this situation from Russia.
  Finally, one picture from the Russian web:
  Here at the left posters it is written "Charlie Hebdo", "Freedom of speech", etc, and on the sign at the right - "Donbass" (Donbass is the Donetsk region).

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