воскресенье, 14 июня 2015 г.

Personal responsibility of the power and consultative branch of power

I believe that the idea of personal responsibility of the power can make the world really better. I have heard about this idea in Ukrainian mass media; as far as I can see, it is a component of the “Maidan ideology”. Ukraine is moving towards implementing this idea: the Ukrainian President has very much power (as far as I can see), unlike, for example, the US president. In autumn 2014 President Poroshenko initiated pre-term parliamentary elections. His aim was to get a loyal parliament, which is able to perform social reforms. I hope, in future the Ukrainian President will get even more legislative power.
However, giving the legislative power to the President raises new problems – one man is not enough competent in the juridical subjects and can easily make faults. I think that this problem can be mostly solved if the parliament obtains a “consultative” function, so it is able to postpone a President’s decision and impose the President some compromise.
Besides that, such “consultative” parliament, together with some other elected representatives of power, will be able to make the President perform a public report of his work. The parliament will be able to raise questions to the President, and the latter will be obliged to answer these questions.

I suppose that in order to implement this, a collective guarantor of constitution is required, which is described in my book. This is very difficult to implement; but I hope that in Ukraine some of these ideas will be partly implemented soon enough.