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I live in Russia and do not know much about the western countries and their customs; besides that, my English is not good enough. So, I excuse for any awkwardness in my blog and for bad English.
The aim of my blog is to promote the ideas of internet democracy. I believe that these ideas could really make the world better, if they are implemented.
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I appreciate any comments concerning my articles.

The most simple of the ideas proposed, but very important, is the “crowdfunding multiplication”: if someone earns by crowdfunding, the state or some funds would give him additional money, multiplying his financing. Applying this scheme needs eliminating some problems – corruption (self-funding) and “sectarian” projects, which will be popular only among some minority who know about them. I think that these problems can be efficiently solved, and the projects which earn by crowdfunding in such a way will be able to efficiently fight corruption, ecological problems, unfair advertising, etc.
Previously this blog contained an article about Russia and Ukraine, but I decided to delete it from the blog, because it has become dangerous to live in Russia and write about politics.

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  1. Very,very strange. I was read articles on http://grandrienko.com/ and was surprised by your's sober thinking. However, I came here and hung on the phrase "it has become dangerous to live in Russia and write about politics.". In Russia, anyone can write ANYTHING about politics, and nothing will happen to him for this - this "became dangerous" for all society of Russian Federation. What has become dangerous to you is a mystery to me, given your soberity.

  2. You want to say that Russia is a free country? You are definitely wrong with this. A lot of people here have come to prison because of their reposts, etc.
    In my post about Ukraine I supported this country, while many people in Russia see Ukraine as the enemy of Russia.

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